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10" Wandering Jew Bolivian HB

10" Wandering Jew Bolivian HB

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The small white flowers bloom throughout summer into autumn, sprouting in stalkless clusters in the forks of the upper leaves. These hermaphrodite flower clusters are odorless and tend to appear in pairs. 

The flowers have three white petals and up to six stamens with smooth filaments. Tiny oblong seed capsules containing four rough brown seeds emerge after fertilization.

Callisia Repens plants prefers full sun to partial shade. Access to bright light helps keep the plant healthy and reduce the risk of it becoming straggly.

Dwarf Jew plant benefits from regular watering to ensure the soil remains moist during the growing season. Occasional misting of the foliage also helps to keep leaves from drying out and developing brown marks. 

During summer, a bit of liquid fertilizer every 10 to 14 days will encourage dense foliage.


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