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6" Marginatta

6" Marginatta

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Choose a pot with drainage that’s just a few inches larger than the root ball so the root system has room to grow. 

Dracaena marginata is a slow-growing plant, so you’ll only need to repot every few years to keep this plant happy. If the soil gets compacted (hardened and pulling away from the edge of the pot) you might want to change it out for fresh soil.

 Dracaena marginata prefers bright, indirect light, but if you’re short on light in your home, no worries! This plant will also do just fine in lower light conditions, but it won’t grow as quickly or use water as efficiently. (So just be careful not to overwater.)

Keep your plant out of direct sunlight though, as this can burn the leaves.

These plants are quite drought-resistant and don’t require a lot of water, so wait until the top half of the soil is completely dry before watering. Then, water thoroughly with distilled water, until water starts to run out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. 

It’s important to use distilled water or another non-fluoridated water because fluoride and other salts in the water can cause the tips of dracaena’s leaves to get brown and crispy (and this goes for all species of dracaena). 

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