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ASTER laevis Blue Bird 1g

ASTER laevis Blue Bird 1g

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Masses of 1" wide blue to violet blue daisies with a yellow eye seemingly cover up this perennial in late summer and fall providing nectar for pollinators including bees and migrating Monarchs. It has a naturally upright to vase-shaped, clump-forming habit and grows to 3-4' at flowering but can be pinched in late spring or early summer to produce a fuller more compact plant. The Smooth Blue Aster is found throughout much of the US and into Canada. Provide a well-drained, average to semi-dry soil in full sun conditions for optimum vigor and flowering although it is tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. In semi-shade it may require staking. Well-established plants are tolerant of periodic drought and these plants are considered to be deer resistant.

4-8"H x 18-24"W, space at 12" for groundcover

Full sun, Mostly sunny

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