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Buxus microphylla Tide Hill 2g

Buxus microphylla Tide Hill 2g

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Tide Hill Boxwood

If you still think boxwood is always uptight or rounded, you've got to see this rebellious specimen! Dwarf and spreading, this little gem gradually creeps over the landscape in a bright green wash of shiny tiny foliage, ever so slowly reaching its mature landscape dimensions. Whether casual or made formal by your pruning, this fine textured broadleaf evergreen has a different form and different foliage texture and color and is more relaxed than the other selections we offer, making it a unique presence in the landscape. 'Tide Hill' is maintenance-free and its bright green leaves hold their superb color all year long, even in the harshest winter weather. Plant it in full sun or partial shade and enjoy its different Boxwood appeal.

  • Height:1-2 Feet
  • Spread:3-4 Feet
  • Dwarf and spreading
  • Shiny, tiny green foliage
  • Evergreen
  • Low maintenance
  • Year-round color
  • Deer resistant
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