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Goose Stopper 32oz Con

Goose Stopper 32oz Con

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Our Goose Stopper is pleasant smelling, dries clear and odor free and will not discolor cement walkways, docks, beaches, parks, asphalt or turf areas. All-natural and easy to use, our Goose Stopper is safe to use around fruits and vegetables.


  • Easy to Use - Stop animals from foraging, nesting, causing entry damage, and eating your garden plants & flower beds. Simply spray a fine mist to apply.
  • All Natural Ingredients - Safe to use around kids, pets, and vegetables, our plant-powered formula deters animals without using any harsh chemicals. Guaranteed effective for 30 days per application, regardless of rain, weather and watering.

  • Animal Repellent - This highly effective solution is concentrate and repels geese, ducks, and other web footed animals.

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