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Hemerocallis Entrapment 1g

Hemerocallis Entrapment 1g

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We recommend planting with Bumper Crop a rich organic soil builder

Common Name: Daylilly

 Entrapment' Reblooming Daylily's ruffled, purple and yellow blooms pack loads of color into the mid-season garden. A super blooming daylily, 'Entrapment' offers an average of 800 blooms per plant after its third growing season. This sun-loving daylily is easy to grow and makes a lovely addition to perennial beds, fenceline plantings, and hard-to-maintain areas that call for a pretty plant to takeover and suppress unruly weeds.

Light Requirements
Full Sun
Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Plant Size 18-26" tall , 16-18" wide
Bloom Time Early to mid summer, again in late summer


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