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Hydrangea arb Pinkerella 3g

Hydrangea arb Pinkerella 3g

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The Pinkerella Hydrangea is a dream come true for hydrangea lovers in cold zones – a rich pink flower that blooms reliably, every year. Flowering on new growth, the big heads color by mid-summer and stay pink into late fall, and when dried. This compact bush grows just 3 to 5 feet tall and wide and it’s perfect for semi-shaded beds, along paths and drives and beneath trees. It’s a form of a shrub native to eastern America, so it can even be grown in gardens of native plants.

  • Large pink flower heads from mid-summer
  • Reliable bloomer even in the coldest zones
  • compact bush with strong, upright stems
  • Selected form of an American native shrub
  • Unaffected by acid/alkaline properties of the soil

Partial shade is best for the Pinkerella Hydrangea, with morning sun and afternoon shade, especially in hotter zones. Rich, well-drained soil that is regularly watered will give the best results, and this bush is normally untroubled by pests or diseases. Even if all the branches die in winter it will still bloom reliably, and a simple spring pruning is all it takes for fantastic results.

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