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Hydrangea Tiny Tuff 3g

Hydrangea Tiny Tuff 3g

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Tiny Tuff Stuff™. Strong as its name, this Mountain Hydrangea was selected not only for improved bud and stem hardiness, but also its consistent reblooming. A real beauty and solid performer, with flowers so refined, it seems strange to call them Tuff Stuff. Abundant lacecap flowers on shorter plants tend toward blue, but flower color may range in soft shades of blues, pinks and whites depending on soil pH. Flowers age to an attractive pink. Perfect where a smaller hydrangea is wanted. Proven Winners® selections are trialed and tested to be colorful, long blooming, carefree and easy to grow.

Mountain Hydrangea are strong rebloomers on both old and new wood. Compact habit. Autumn foliage provides additional interest with rich bronze red tones.

Height: Medium 18-24"
Spacing: Plant 2' apart
Bloom Time: Early Summer to Mid-Summer
Rebloom Time: Late Summer to Early Fall
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