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Lupinus Gallery Pink 1g

Lupinus Gallery Pink 1g

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Gallery Pink Lupine

A dense, carefree mound of blue-green, finger-like, palmate foliage emerges in the early spring and is topped by multiples of huge pyramidal towers of big buds that open in mid-June stretching nearly 12" above the foliage. It will be hard to get enough of these outrageous flowers when they open with their deep pink color, offset by white and contrasting to the superb foliage. They are a wonder to behold well into July even for your local butterflies and hummingbirds! 'Gallery Pink' is mildew resistant and deer and rabbit resistant making it a joy to grow as long as you are providing it with plenty of sun and an area with deep, rich, moist, well-drained soil in any formal or naturalized landscape situation.



  • »  Dense mound of blue-green, palmate foliage
  • »  Pyramidal towers of bloom 12" above the foliage
  • »  Deep pink blooms well into July
  • »  Attract butterflies and hummingbirds
  • »  Deer and rabbit resistant
  • Height:18-24 in
  • Spread:15-18 in
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