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PAEONIA Edulis Superba 2g

PAEONIA Edulis Superba 2g

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Clay soil is not a problem for this robust 1824 heirloom, which has maintained its popularity for generations and is a favorite for cutting. Peony 'Edulis Superba' blossoms earlier than most Herbaceous varieties, offering intensely fragrant double blooms in rosy pink then developing ivory accents as they age. The form of each blossom features a central mound of curvy, notched petals framed by a collar of broader, flatter ones. These ebullient blooms appreciate support. The long-lived plants otherwise require no fuss. Early.

Peonies produce their extravagant display in early June every year, regardless of weather, because they are among the most durable and longest-lived plants. They have no natural enemies, no exacting cultural requirements beyond full sun and neutral to slightly sweet soil, and they shrug off cold. After bloom is complete, you are left with a handsome mound of glossy, deep green foliage that will happily anchor the next sequence of bloom in the neighborhood. Finally, Peonies make superior cut flowers, lasting more than a week if cut in full bud.

Common Name: Herbaceous Peony
Hardiness Zone: 3-7 Exposure: Sun
Blooms In: Jun
Mature Height: 30-34" Spacing: 24-30"
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