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The Monge Lilac grows into a rounded deciduous shrub, reaching 10 to 12 feet tall and wide. It has mid-green heart-shaped leaves and blooms in late spring with a magnificent display of rich purple blossoms. The color is warm, with a touch of red, and the flowers are carried in large bunches, up to 9 inches long. The blooms fill the garden with a wonderful fragrance, attracting butterflies and even hummingbirds. Grow it as the background to your shrub beds, as a lawn specimen or among small trees.

  • Enormous bunches of rich purple flowers in spring
  • A beautiful fragrance that fills the garden
  • Essential shrub for gardens in colder zones
  • Grows well in alkaline soils
  • Resistant to deer

A spot in full sun is best for the Monge Lilac, which will also take a little shade, but not too much, or flowering will be reduced. It grows in most soils, including clays and alkaline ones, but not in wet, soggy ground.

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